Self Processed Apple Cider Soap

When it comes to winter drinks, pumpkin spices can jam the coffee market, but there will always be room for hot hot cider. The warm aromas of cinnamon, cloves and allspice harmonize wonderfully with the sweet apple with sweets in this easy-to-prepare slow cooker soap. Perfect for beginner soap makers, our hot apple apple soap…

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Check Out Jasmine Spice Solid Perfume

This naturally scented solid fragrance starts with a base of jasmine flower wax. Jasmine Floral Wax is a unique ingredient composed of natural esters of the jasmine plant. Floral waxes are produced in the manufacture of absolu, another fascinating aromatic ingredient for perfumery and skin care. While Jasmine Floral Wax already carries a deep jasmine…

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Check Out Cocoa Butter Bunnies

Spring is here and it’s time to celebrate everything that is cute and colorful. These cute little rabbits with cocoa butter are perfect to share with family and friends during spring break. They make great Easter treats, party gifts or hostess gifts. We used a chocolate mold to give our rabbits a classic shape, but…

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