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Melted wax provides consumers with an easy way to bring the pleasure and benefits of aromatherapy into their homes. Essential oils have become very popular in recent years and offering unique mixtures for home use is a great way to take advantage of this trend. We love Wax melts for their simplicity and ease of customization. Just swap any essential oil in this recipe to make it your own.

Our biological beeswax is an excellent basis for melting wax. This natural ingredient is fantastic for preserving fragrances. It also melts easily in most heaters and is a widely known component of consumers. If you prefer a vegetable wax, try using our Candelilla wax instead.

Sweet Orange Essential oil

Bright, cheerful and full of aroma, our essential oil of sweet orange throws a juicy base for our recipe for melted wax. In aromatherapy, the essential oil of sweet orange is often used to cheer up and promote a sense of relaxation.

Essential oil of myrtle of Peru

The woody and lemony scent of our Peruvian Myrtle essential oil is a wonderful addition to the tart tones of lemongrass, grapefruit and orange. Peruvian myrtle is sometimes used in formulations that support respiratory function and is also ideal for inspiring a sense of cleanliness and refreshment.

Pink Grapefruit Essential oil

Our Essential oil Of pink grapefruit is a sweet treat for the senses. Pink grapefruit is used by aromatherapists in mixtures designed to relieve stress and promote well-being.

Lemongrass Essential oil

The bold aroma of lemongrass is hard to miss! This bright green fragrance is popular for concentrating and clear energy blends. We added lemongrass to our melted wax recipe to enhance the citrus top notes of our formula.

Andean Mint Essential oil

Our new Andean Mint essential oil is very strong. We only had to add five drops to our formula of melted wax to give it an enormous touch of fresh mint flavor. Mint is often included in aromatherapy mixtures designed to stimulate the mind and improve concentration. It is also widely used to action grief, stress and sadness.

Pink Pepper Essential oil

The warm and spicy scent of the essential oil of pink pepper gives our melted wax the perfect finishing touch. Pepper oils, often found in energizing aromatherapy blends, are said to invigorate the mind and help increase alertness.


Makes about twelve cubes of 10 grams


120 Grams (4 Ounces) Organic Beeswax
20 Drops of Essential Oil of Sweet Orange
15 Drops Peruvian Myrtle Essential Oil
10 Drops Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil
10 Drops of lemongrass essential oil
5 Drops of Essential oil of Andean mint
5 drops of Essential Oil of Pink Pepper


Heat the beeswax granules until completely melted.
Add the essential oils, mix well, then pour into cake molds.
Allow the patties to cool and completely harden before use.

Use and packaging

We packed our cakes in plastic trays. You can also make cakes in funny molds with silicone or tin molds.
To use it, break a cube and melt it in a wax heater.

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