Check Out Jasmine Spice Solid Perfume

This naturally scented solid fragrance starts with a base of jasmine flower wax. Jasmine Floral Wax is a unique ingredient composed of natural esters of the jasmine plant. Floral waxes are produced in the manufacture of absolu, another fascinating aromatic ingredient for perfumery and skin care.

While Jasmine Floral Wax already carries a deep jasmine scent, we’ve reinforced the scent with our Sambac co2 Jasmine extract. Rosalina, a popular (and sustainable) Alternative to rosewood, patchouli gives the solid fragrance a spicy, woody Tone we loved. The sweet scent of petitgrain essential oil and the intoxicating floral tone of Ylang Ylang complete the mix with a bright and feminine atmosphere.

Solid Scents are a fun way to showcase your favorite scents. Experiment with our entire range of floral waxes to create your own signature blends. We make an exciting variety of floral plants, including several varieties of Jasmine, Rose, Lotus and mimosa.


Makes about four 5 gram jars


10 grams of jasmine flower wax
10 grams of MCT Oil
30 drops Jasmine extract Sambac select CO2
15 drops of rosalina essential oil
10 drops of petitgrain essential oil
10 drops of patchouli essential oil
5 drops of vetiver essential oil
5 drops of ylang ylang essential oil


Heat the flower wax in the cauldron until completely melted.
Add MCT, stir and remove from heat.
Cool the mixture for five minutes, then Add the essential oils.
Pour the melted perfume into jars and cool until completely cured.

Usage And Packaging

To use, dab a few stains of solid fragrance Jasmine wherever you like.
We packed our Jasmine Solid fragrance into our crystal glasses. They would also look great in slider boxes or mini jars of lip balm.

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