Must Try Kelp & Sea Salt Body Scrub

I tend to get lost in reveries during the winter months. While hiding from cold winds and icy puddles, my mind drifts to the days I spent by the sea. Inspired by the salty breeze and the rich green algae, I created this simple body scrub to get a little closer to my dreams. This body scrub with kelp and sea salt is the perfect recipe for any mermaid, imaginary or other.

I started with a standard exfoliating ingredient-fine sea salt. This classic ingredient makes a wonderful main ingredient for body scrubs with its tiny grain size and rich mineral content. Fine sea salt does an excellent job of polishing dead skin cells. I added a little French green clay to make this body scrub with sea salt an additional cleansing. French green clay is ideal for removing dirt and toxins from the skin.

Kelp contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that love the skin. It also adds a gorgeous earthy color and an ocean scent. The characteristic aroma of seaweed combines perfectly with the tart lavender flowers and the sweet citrus scent of palmarosa. Camellia acts as another main component of body scrub with kelp and sea salt. Camellia is one of our most popular carrier oils for body scrubs. It has a light texture and not greasy, but moisturizes and conditions the skin like a champion.

Feel free to play with the essential oil blend of this recipe to make it your own recipe. Lavender and kelp also go well with the essential oils of yuzu or sweet orange. Spearmint, juniper, pine would also smell good in a variant of this mixture.


Gives about three 2-ounce glasses


180 Grams of small-grained sea salt
80 ml camellia oil
5 Grams of French green clay
4 Grams of Kelp powder
0.65 ml lavender essential oil
0.65 ml Palmarosa essential oil


Mix sea salt, clay and seaweed powder in a mixing bowl. Stir well to mix and make sure you break the lumps in the ingredients.
Add camellia oil and essential oils. Stir again.
Transfer into jars or use immediately.

Use and packaging

Body scrubs look great in our 2 ounce PET pots.
To use it, just massage it in a gentle circular motion on the moisturized skin. Rinse and follow with a cleanser if necessary.

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