Rinse Your Hair With Apple Rosemary Vinegar

Vinegar hair conditioner is a standard, and arguably indispensable companion to any natural shampoo or shampoo routine. Soap-based shampoos, such as shampoo bars or Castile washes, can leave residue on the hair that can make it dull or stiff or sticky. To give the hair a silky and smooth feeling, Vinegar conditioner is the key.

With proper dilution, apple cider vinegar can help promote a healthy and balanced scalp while removing soap residue from the hair. Apple cider vinegar also has a knack for detangling hair, making it an excellent conditioner before brushing or combing. Even those with long hair or curly hair find vinegar hair conditioner often surprisingly effective compared to traditional hair conditioners.

Rosemary is a classic ingredient in hair care formulations-appreciated for its ability to promote healthy scalp and shiny curls. Our Organic rosemary hydrosol also gives the conditioner a beautiful herbal aroma. Hydrosol is generally less camphor than rosemary essential oil and gives the ingredient a fresh and bright aroma that highlights the green and herbaceous properties of fresh rosemary.

Aspen bark powder was added to act as a natural preservative. This dry extract helps deter microbial contamination while adding a conditioning boost.

While a vinegar hair conditioner can be made with plain water, using a useful hydrosol like our organic rosemary hydrosol takes this simple formulation to the next level. Try experimenting with our other hydrosols to blend your own hair conditioner.


Makes about 8.5 ounces (251 ml)


6 ounces (177 ml), organic rosemary Hydrosol
2 ounces (59) distilled water
1 tablespoon (15 ml) organic apple cider vinegar
0.25 oz (7 grams) aspen bark powder


Heat distilled water to about 140 degrees F (60 degrees C). Add the aspen bark powder and mix well until completely incorporated.
Mix distilled water with hydrosol and vinegar in a bottle. Close the bottle and shake well to combine.

Usage And Packaging

Vinegar hair conditioners, like these, work great in plastic bottles with disc or turret caps. This allows the user to apply the product safely and easily. We like to use our 8-ounce Pet Cosmo with revolver caps for this recipe.
For use, Generously soak the hair with a conditioner and let the product stand for a few minutes. Gently massage the scalp before rinsing with plenty of fresh water. This can be done at any time after shampooing or as an independent treatment.

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