Shimmering Whipped Body Butter

Sometimes we all need a little more Magic, right? This shimmering whipped body butter is packed with a colorful mix of pearly glitter and iridescent glitter. Its fluffy whipped texture allows the butter to glide over the skin so that it is soft, supple and covered in glitter.

We used a blend of rich cocoa butter and light watermelon seeds, as well as native coconut oils to form the basis of our body butter. A pinch of candelilla wax helps solidify the mixture and prevents it from melting too easily. By choosing our deodorized cocoa butter, we were able to choose a sweet, floral scented oil to smell the shimmering whipped body butter. You can replace pure cocoa butter if you prefer a softer, chocolatey smell.

Another fun way to customize our shimmering body butter recipe is to replace the pearlescent mica with one of our other Glow micas. These special micas offer a smooth shine with a pop of color and are available in gold, copper, red and lavender.


Makes two 2-ounce jars


40 grams of deodorized cocoa butter
30 Grams of Watermelon Seed Oil
20 grams of virgin coconut oil
10 grams of candelilla wax
5 grams of lavender glow mica
2.5 ml cardamom & primrose herbal fragrance oil
2 grams of superfine silk powder
2 grams of cosmetic glitter (optional)


Mix cocoa butter and candelilla wax in a cauldron and heat until melted.
Add virgin coconut oil and watermelon seed oil. Stir until melted, then remove the pan from the heat.
Add mica, silk powder and glitter and whisk until smooth.
Fill a mixing bowl or pan with cold water and place the cauldron in it. Whisk the Mixture vigorously, as it cools and thickens.
When the mixture begins to thicken, add vegetable fragrant oil. Continue to beat until the body butter becomes thick and fluffy.
Pour into jars and cool.

Usage And Packaging

This colorful body butter looks great in our 2-ounce flint glasses.
Massage body butter into skin wherever you want a sparkling touch of shimmer and shine.

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