Try This Mineral Makeup Cream Highlighter

Creating your own mineral makeup is a great way to expand an existing product line or attract a whole new clientele. Starting with our beautiful range of Pearlescent Mica and Mineral Dyes, the possibilities for personalization and color mixing are endless. Simple formulations, such as this Mineral makeup Cream Highlighter Stick, are quick to make, easy to modify and perfect to start making handmade cosmetics.

We used a blend of vegetable candelilla wax, transparent jojoba and virgin coconut oil to give this formulation a light, non-greasy texture that glides easily over the skin. Silk powder helps reduce the oily feel of the balm, while pearlescent gives a subtle, shimmering sheen. We used our Golden Glow Mica in the example shown here, but the highlighters can be made from any of our bright mica. Experiment with Copper Glow, Lavender Glow, Silver Sparkle or our undyed mica powder to make your own custom colored Mineral makeup cream highlighter.

A darker contour bar can be made by replacing the light mica with a darker one. Use amber, tanned opal or oriental beige gloss to create a bronzer cream or contour cream stick. You can even experiment with rainbow colors to create transparent and shimmering body colors! This versatile base is perfect for playing. The fullness of the shade can also be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the mica content.


Makes about five 0.3 oz tubes


20 Grams of clear jojoba oil
20 Grams of virgin coconut oil
10 grams of wax-candelilla wax
2 Grams of copper mica or Golden mica
2 Grams superfine silk powder


Mix candelilla wax and coconut oil in a double boiler and heat until completely melted.
In a small bowl, mix jojoba with mica and silk powder. Whisk until completely mixed to form a suspension.
Add the slurry to the water bath and beat until smooth.
Remove the mixture from the heat and leave to cool for a few minutes at room temperature. The goal is to cool the mixture as much as possible without making it too difficult to pour.
Scrape the sides and mix to melt the cured mixture again, stir the mixture one last time to disperse the mica, and then pour into cardboard tubes.
Allow the tubes to cool and harden completely before handling.

Use and packaging

Our Mineral makeup cream highlighter looks great in our 0.3 oz cardboard tubes. You can also pack this recipe in lip balm tubes or in 1/4 oz dome jars.
To use it, apply a small amount of illuminator to the skin directly from the tube or with a makeup applicator. Follow the contour lines to emphasize the facial features with a bronzer or a darker base tone. Mix well.

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