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The cold winter weather is the perfect reason to relax with a warm cup of spicy chai tea. This fragrant body cream was inspired by Kelly’s favorite winter habit. That and an abundance of richly moisturizing ingredients in our home medicine cabinet! Kelly’s Sweet Chai Body Lotion has been a huge success with our office workers for its captivating aroma and soft, creamy texture.

Our Sweet Chai Body lotion recipe combines a blend of highly revitalizing oils and butter to soothe and moisturize dry winter skin. The base consists of three classic skin care ingredients, mango butter, shea butter and camellia seed oil. We used our super easy-to-go emulsifying wax to turn this nourishing combination into a fluffy body cream with real chai tea.

Chai tea gives this recipe its pretty cocoa color. The black tea will infuse the formula longer, but be careful not to concentrate the tea TOO much, as spices have the potential to irritate the skin – even when used in a gentle brew such as tea.

To give our Sweet Chai body lotion its unique aroma, Kelly used a carefully formulated blend of herbal fragrance oil and pure essential oil. It is important to note that essential oils of cinnamon and clove bark can be irritating when used at percentages greater than 0.07% in non-leave formulations such as lotions. We used both at 0.05% each in this formulation and kept the total essential oil ratio below 1% (0.91%).

Although our testers did not feel any irritation when using this formula, it is probably not a good choice for people with very sensitive skin. If sensitivity is a problem, you can omit essential oils and use our herbal-scented vanilla oil instead. Our natural vegetable vanilla spice is usually used at about 2-5%. You can also consider replacing chai tea infusion with ordinary distilled water if sensitive skin is a cause for concern.


Makes about 210 grams (7 + ounces)


12 Grams of mango butter
12 Grams of shea butter
12 Grams of camellia oil
8 Grams of emulsifying wax
6 Grams of stearic acid
5 Grams of natural oil Vitamin E 400 IU
1 Gram germall liquid plus
15 Drops of Cardamom essential oil
10 Drops of essential oil of sweet and fresh ginger
10 Drops of herbal fragrance oil with vanilla and spices
5 Drops of essential oil of soft fennel
2 Drops of essential oil of cinnamon bark
2 Drops of clove bud essential oil
150 Grams of distilled water
1 Tea Bag chai tea
5 Grams (1 teaspoon) whole milk powder


Put the tea bag in 200 ml of boiled water for 20 minutes. Reserve to cool down a bit.
Melt the stearic acid and the emulsifying wax in a water bath. Once completely melted, add mango and shea butter and heat until completely melted.

Remove from heat and add camellia oil.

Measure 150 grams of brewed and filtered tea. (If necessary, add additional water to reach 150 grams). Mix with whole milk powder in a small mug or bowl. Wipe together, be sure to break the lumps.
Mix the oil and water phases and whisk by hand or electric mixer for at least five consecutive minutes. Make sure that the liquids are completely mixed and combined.
Whisk slowly until the emulsion cools to 120 F (50 C). Add the fragrance oil, the essential oils and the preservative and whisk again until homogeneous.
Carefully place in sterilized containers. Allow the product to cool to room temperature before putting on the lids.
Use and packaging

To use it, it is enough to lubricate the dry skin with lotion and gently massage it until it is absorbed.

Sweet Chai body lotion is quite thick, so it is best available in compressible jars or tubes. We wrapped ours in crystal clear pet pots and they looked Fabulous!

Although this formula contains a natural preservative, it has not been tested for its true stability on the shelf. Professional craftsmen must always have formulations tested in the laboratory by professionals or safety and stability before putting them on sale.

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